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An Inventory and Inspirations

So, if any of you have been reading this blog, you’d guess that I’ve been reading a lot of RPG’s out there since I started working on Oneirokos: Chronicles of the Eternal Cycle again, and you’d be right.


So thought I’d take a little inventory to examine what I’ve picked up, I will summarize by Genre here.


  • Adventurer Conqueror King (Autarch)
  • Aeternal Legends  (Modern Urban fantasy) from Malcom Sheppard/Mob United media
  • Anima Prime (Berengard games)
  • Dragon Age (Green Ronin)
  • Early Dark (Anthropopos)
  • Epic RPG Mark III(Dark Matter Studios)
  • Fantasycraft 2nd Printing (Crafty Games)
  • Fortunes Fool (Pantheon Press LLC)
  • House of the Blooded (John Wick)
  • House of Cards (Parenthesis Press)
  • Legend (Mongoose)
  • Ingenium (Silver Gryphon Games)
  • Malestrom (Arion Games)
  • Spellbound Kingdoms (Frank Brunner)
  • Tales of Wyn’Demere (SHield of Faith Studios)
  • The Fantasy Sagas (Ironwood Omnimedia)
  • The Secret of Zir’An (Paragon Games)


  • Apocalypse Prevention, Inc (Third Eye Games/Eloy Lasanta)
  • Chthulutech (Catalyst Printing/WildfireLLC) from my FLGS even!
  • Dread: First book of Pandemonium (Neoplastic Press/Rafael Chandler)
  • Enter the Shadowside – Marco Leon
  • Trail of Chthulu (Pelgrane (Ken Hite/Robin Laws)
  • Trucker: Open Road Adventure in the Long Haul (TIm Bryant & Deems MOrrione)


  • Black Seven (Stew Wilson)
  • Blowback (Elizabeth Sampat)
  • Coyote Trail (PIG)
  • In Harms Way: Wild Blue (Better Mousetrap Games)
  • Outremer (Better Mousetrap Games)
  • Twilight 2013 (93 games studios)


  • Alpha Omega Core Rulebook (Mindstorm Labs)
  • Apocalypse World (Vincent Baker)
  • Ascendancy: Rogue Marshal (Broken Tower)
  • Ashen Stars (Pelgrane/Robin Laws)
  • Atomic Highway: Post Apocalypse Roleplaying (Radioactive Ape/Colin Chapman)
  • Burning Empires (Luke Crane)
  • Cosmic Patrol (Catalyst Game Labs)
  • Diaspora (VCSA Publishing)
  • Eclipse Phase (Transhuman Studios)
  • Steamfortress Victory: Core Mechanix (Industrial Dream Mills)
  • Rapture: The End of Days (J. Sweeny)
  • Remember Tomorrow (Box Ninja/GRegor Hutton)
  • Remnants (Outrider Studios/Steve Bergeron)
  • Starblazer Adventures (Cubicle 7)
  • Survivors of the Fire (Friz Games/Matt Frisbee)
  • Stars Without Number (Sine Nomine/Kevin Crawford)
  • Technoir: High Tech, Hardboiled Roleplaying (Cellar Games/Jeremy Keller)
  • Thousand Suns (Rogue Games/James Maliszewski)
  • Traveller (Mongoose ed)


  • GCore (Dilly Green Bean Games)
  • Invulnerable: Tabletop Superhero RPG (Imperfekt GamesJoshua Kubli)
  • Marvel Heroic Roleplaying: Basic Game (MWP/Cam Banks)
  • Mutants & Masterminds – 3rd ed (Green Ronin/Steve Kenson)


  • Alpha Chronicles (J Keith Wynkowski)
  • Aether: Core Book (Silver Gryphon Games/Kevin Robin)
  • Bare Bones Multiverse Core Rules (Scaldcrow games)
  • Basic Roleplaying – 4th ed (Chaosium)
  • Cortex Plus (MWP)
  • Dice & Glory (Ranger Games)
  • Genre Diversion 3 (Precis Intermedia)
  • Hero System 6th ed (Hero)
  • Karma Roleplaying System (Bards and Sages)
  • Microscope (Lame Mage Productions/Ben Robbins)
  • Moebius Adventures Core Rules (Bindel/Fitzpatrick)
  • Mystic Empyrean (level99 Games/D. Brad Talton Jr.)
  • Open Anime Core Rules (Battlefield Press)
  • Other Worlds (Other Worlds/Mark Humphreys)
  • Pangenre (Pangenre LLC)
  • Paragon HDL (Tremorworks/Sean Boyle )
  • Savage Worlds Deluxe Edition (PEG/Shane Lacy Hensely)
  • Suzerian (Talisman STudios)
  • Polyverse Roleplaying System (Bruce Adams)
  • Silhouette Core 3rd ed (Dream Pod 9)
  • True 20 (Green Ronin)


That’s a damn lot of RPGage. Acquired over the last 3 or 4 months

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