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So why shared world stuff?

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So why shared world stuff? I’ve run a lot of games over the years, and I’ve had some rather brilliant friends, but what they think is cool in a setting, and what I think is cool don’t always match up.

Oh yeah, forgot my one other big reason. It is something that computer games are unlikely to be able to do at all/quicker/easier in our lifetimes. While computer games can provide an incredible sim-immersive first person experience, actually creating new material, and new worlds is either non-existent, short of big time development.

Or has an EVEN steeper learning curve than RPG’s, via ‘DM’s toolsets’ or crowd-developed stuff. Think of steep the curve is using something like NWN toolset, or even making a mod, it is a mighty labor with high technical know-how barrier to entry. While, average gamers can still bash together some vast imaginative game worlds with kewl bits with some rulebooks and well developed procedures and components, and produce artifacts/materials that can be shared. And then used and explored on a first person level via sim-immersive RPG mechanics, or in grand storytelling mini-game, etc.)

Until we get AI moderated Pseudo-holodeck stuff going, Human moderated RPG framework stuff will be able to do it better/faster/cheaper, and targeted to a particular groups vision.

Yes, that is one of my other, why make this game? answers

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