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Historical Adventure, The Crusades and Pulp Goodness

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Confession time: I have only minimal knowledge of the Crusades, other than like a chapter in history class, which was like 20 years ago. And I watched Kingdom of Heaven, but all I remember is Legalos being mopey and shooting people with Arrows. Or was that Troy?.  All of which has made me a bit shy about reviewing +clash bowley’s Outremer from Better Mousetrap Games, I also have Nights of the Crusades to look over. Which is mash-up of the Crusades and 1001 nights.
I’ve also never read much crusades inspired fiction, although there was a lot of semi-historical adventure fiction from the Pulp days. specifically, Robert E. Howard has a lot of Crusader fiction,   Lord of Samarkand and Other Oriental Tales
He did a bunch of other historical fiction as well, The Swords Woman and other historical tales, The Swordswoman and other Historical Tales and his El Borak and other Desert Tales
For actual history, there is Thomas Maddens’ (new) Concise History of the Crusades. Thomas Madden’s New Concise history of the Crusades
There is a lot of Pulp adventure fiction I haven’t read actually, beyond Doc Savage and Alan Quartermain. Some of the classic adventure tales, like  Khlit the Cossack by Harold Lamb  Or like Talbot Mundy’s King of the Khyber Rifles  King of the Khyber Rifles by Talbot Mundy

Are you down with the Crusades and other Pulp Semi-historical adventure fiction schtuff?

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