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Some Theological Apocalypse RPGs before the next Best Hope for the end of the World

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With the next best hope for the end of the world coming up On Dec 21st, here are some Biblical Apocalypse type RPGs to entertain you while the End is Nigh.So I’ve always had a thing for Theological Horror End times stuff. I had a nigh exhaustive collection of them at one time, before the Great Purge– that was a sad day. So here all the ones I had.

*C.J. Carella’s Armageddon* (Set in the apocalyptic future of Witchcraft)

*Rapture: The Second Coming* by Quintessential Mercy Studios’

*The End* by Scapegoat Games

*The Last Exodus* by Synister Creative

*Rapture: The End of Days* by Storyweaver Games.
A new one, with novel take, in far future, space-faring humanity is left adrift after God raptures up everyone on Earth.

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