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More Info on Collaborative RolePlaying

I write a lot about collaborative gaming and collaborative world design on the blog. However I have built upon the work of others there that put together some great stuff. Some of it that has been thankfully saved in the wayback machine.
First is the ERGO stuff by Ian Millington back in the day. You can Still view at it
You can read an interview with Ian Millington at
Finally, a link to ERGO, Ian millington’s notes/outline on Collaborative gaming.:
The development of O:CotEC’s Guide roles (Play Guide (PG), Game Guide (GG), Rules Guide (RG), Narrative Guide (NG), Setting Guide (SG), and of course Character Guide  (CG) have their genesis from this analysis


Here is another good article on the subject by +Emily Care Boss
Check out Dariel Quiogue’s article ROLE-PLAYING GAMES

A lot of interesting reading, including the list of references. I of course am writing overviews of how several games with outright collaborative world design, or support for it, such as Traveller, deal with it. Tangential to the subject are also shared GMing/running duties. The posterchild for that being Robin Law’s Rune game, which was quite ingenious it how it had players taking turns whacking on the other players dude, and getting points for it. It is one of the strongest representations of a Play/RulesGuide role being passed back and forth.

So my emerging list of games with either the seeds of or outright Collaborative world building so far include
Other Worlds – Outright collaboration
Mystic Empyrean – Outright Collboration
Universalis – Completely shared collabroation
Microscope – Shared Collaboration
Diaspora – Shared Collaboration
Aria: Canticle of the Monomyth – Abashed Collaboration
Traveller – Seeds of Design As Play and alternate campaigns as Collaborative campaign design. (Most importantly, serious world design rules)

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